Welcome to the blog of the dhfm artistic research group. We are embedded in Intermedia (LUCA School of Arts, Brussels), the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre (Faculty of Arts, University of Leuven), and the art institute Netwerk Aalst.

Dhfm encircles four research fields: The Forest of Things, Anecdotal Evidence, Glitches & Gibberish, and Omissions & Additions.

Background image: Ernst Haeckel, via Wikipedia.org

The Forest of Things

is concerned with lost herbals, matriarchal trees, digital landscapes and ecological imagination.

Anecdotal Evidence

explores writing and expanded language based practices.

Glitches & Gibberish

encompasses investigations into loss of language and the mechanical mistake.

Omissions & Additions

includes those projects that refuse categorization. 

Recent posts

Is it lovely yet?

in the archives of Christine Brooke-Rose, Anna Kavan, Ann Quin and Muriel Spark 1. It is the summer of 2014 and I’m at the Olin Library at Washington University in…
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Dystopian Optimism

Our future imagination suffers from an impasse between technological optimism and dystopian visions of the end of humankind. ‘Dystopian Optimism’ counters globally interconnected precariousness as the condition of our time.…
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Mariske Broeckmeyer preparing her audio work for Travelogue of the Wandering Womb. Alias exhibition. Netwerk Aalst.
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The Suitcase

Made of brown leather, monogrammed with the initials L.J.M. and dating from the 1930s, the suitcase was found under the bed of Muriel Leyson at the time of her death…
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Random Forests

On the application of machine learning and AI to enhance or restore natural environments: a project by artist/researcher Theun Karelse / FoAM.… Read More
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