In the Making – Ecology and (Sounding) Art at West/The Hague

On March 24, I talked about my research and did a live reading of the audio essay H(a)unted Listening on the In the Making – Ecology and (Sounding) Art event by ACPA Leiden and West in The Hague.

About In the Making:

‘In the Making’ is a close collaboration between the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) of Leiden University and Art Institute West Den Haag and consists of a series of six public sessions that present to the public different practices of research in the arts.

The sessions will address how artists conduct their research. Guest artist researchers and artist researchers from Leiden University and other research institutes will present their projects, approaches, methods and results. Each session will address questions inherent to these projects. ‘In The Making’ aims to deepen a perspective which conceives of artistic practice not as the sole product of individual visionaries but as a collective endeavor embedded in society. It addresses the role of art in the construction of the present and the creation of possible futures.

In the Making #4: Marcel Cobussen, MinJi Kim, Kevin Fairbairn, Nele Möller

This session addressed two fundamental questions:

What can the arts — and sounding art in particular — contribute to the liveability of a densely populated area like ‘De Randstad’?

How can sounding art have an active and substantial role in thinking about and dealing with issues like biodiversity, climate change adaptation, heat stress, and/or water-related issues?

©Alex Schröder

Thanks to Marcel Cobussen and ACPA Leiden for inviting me!

Follow Nele Möller:
Nele Möller (°1990) is an artist and researcher working primarily in sound, video, performance, and radio. Her focus is on forest conversations, historical nature inscriptions, and listening practices. In October 2021 she started her PhD project ‘The Forest Echoes Back’ at KU Leuven/LUCA Schoof of Arts Brussels, under supervision of Wendy Morris and embedded in the research cluster Deep Histories Fragile Memories.