Essay ‘The Forest Echoes Back’ in Kunstlicht – Journal for Visual Culture

The essay ‘The Forest Echoes Back—Retracing Ecological Narratives Through Listening to the Thuringian Forest‘ was recently published in Kunstlicht—Journal for Visual Culture—Vol. 45, no. 1/2 REVERBERANT ECOLOGIES: ON THE RELATIONAL IMPACT OF SONIC PRACTICES. Abstract: The Thuringian Forest in Germany has existed for about 10,000 years but has undergone the most significant changes over the past two centuries since the beginning of industrialisation. Primarily a mixed forest, it got transformed into a monoculture of fast-growing spruce trees vulnerable to climate … Read More

In the Making – Ecology and (Sounding) Art at West/The Hague

On March 24, I talked about my research and did a live reading of the audio essay H(a)unted Listening on the In the Making – Ecology and (Sounding) Art event by ACPA Leiden and West in The Hague. About In the Making: ‘In the Making’ is a close collaboration between the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) of Leiden University and Art Institute West Den Haag and consists of a series of six public sessions that present to the … Read More

‘A Forest Lament’ at the Botanical Garden Gent

07.05.2024 Performance of ‘A Forest Lament’ at the book launch of Nele Buyst’s poem collection ‘CORPS, poreus‘ (published by Het Balanseer) in the Palmarium of the Botanical Garden in Gent. More information here A Forest Lament – Due to climate change and century-long monoculture plantings, European forests are in despair. Trees are dying, and the ecology is changing at a rapid speed, which also affects the acoustic sphere – the forests are turning more and more silent. In A Forest Lament, … Read More

‘Game Calling’ and Mimetic Practices

A collection of recent experiments and works related to instruments imitating animal calls, hunting, bioacoustics and listening.… Read More

H(a)unted Listening / Radio essay premier at Radiophrenia / September 2nd

H(a)unted Listening is an experimental radio essay about a hunter and a field recordist. A haunted encounter on a misty November morning in a forest in East Germany is the departure for a reflection on (sound)hunting, female forest presence and a strange friendship. The radio essay will premier on September 2nd / 15h30 at the international radiofestival Radiophrenia. Listen on the Radiophrenia stream online or on Resonance Extra.

The Forest Radio is online!

How does a forest sound that is changing, disappearing?  How will a forest sound without a forest? Listen here >>> The Forest Radio is a live stream radio transmission from a bark beetle-infested site in the Thuringian Forest and is part of the research project ‘The Forest Echoes Back‘ by Nele Möller.

Listening to Trees / w Bart Backaert at Stadpluraal – Recyclart / September 6th

What stories do the trees in our neighbourhood tell? How do they interact and communicate with each other? When does an ‘invasive’ tree become a ‘native’ tree? What happens when we start listening more to the ecology in our environment? Together with sound artist and researcher Nele Möller and plant expert Bart Backaert, we listen to the stories and sounds of trees in Molenbeek and talk about biodiversity, reforestation and climate distress in the city. 18:30 Meet-Up 19:00 Listening Walk … Read More

(Un)recording the Field / Presentation at the ‘Time to Listen’ Conference

On 19th and 20th August 2023, inm/field notes and the Academy of Arts welcomed participants to the conference »Time to Listen – Sustainability in Contemporary Music«.  Musicians, artists and researchers were invited to reflect on the relationship between sound and ecology. The sessions included presentations, open discussions, workshops, listening sessions and lectures. From more than 40 submissions, the sessions were selected together with an expert jury consisting of Marina Cyrino, Katharina Rosenberger and Fabien Levy. In ‘(Un)recording the Field’  we … Read More

The Forest Echoes Back @ Reveil 2023

Reveil is a 24-hour live radio transmission of the dawn chorus around the globe. >>>>>>> Listen here <<<<<<< “Reveil (2014—) is a collective production by streamers at listening points around the earth. Starting on the morning of Saturday 6 May in South London near the Greenwich Meridian, the broadcast will pick up feeds one by one, tracking the sunrise west from microphone to microphone, following the wave of intensified sound that loops the earth every 24 hours at first light. … Read More

Listening Fields #1

Mark the date! April 7th, 2023 – 12 noon The first episode of Listening Fields will be broadcasted on Radio Panik. Listening Fields is a bi-monthly radio show that oscillates around various listening and field recording practices and the discourse surrounding them. We invite you to come listen to buzzing, squealing, chattering, fluttering – sounds that tell stories about the living and non-living beings we share our space with. For each show, we pay attention to the work of guests … Read More

Fieldguide Gatherings / South Africa

In April deep histories fragile memories are organizing two sets of Gatherings in South Africa in collaboration with the authors of the Fieldguides.
Read More

Conference / The Listening Academy

The Listening Academy was held from August 29 – September 4, 2022 at the experimental contemporary art and music space Iklectik in London. The Academy was organised by Lucia Farinati, curator, researcher and writer, co-author of The Force of Listening (2017) and Brandon LaBelle, artist, writer and theorist, author of Acoustic Justice: Listening, Performativity, and the Work of Reorientation (2021). “This edition of The Listening Academy aims to bring together participating scholars, researchers and artists, to share knowledge, practices, and … Read More

Performance / Breathing Barks

Breathing Barks took place on June 16th 2022, in the context of the blurred edges festival in Hamburg/Germany.… Read More

Notes / Inventory of Memories

Introduction/first notes into the PhD research project: ‘The Forest Echoes Back’… Read More