Performance / Breathing Barks

Breathing Barks took place on June 16th 2022, in the context of the blurred edges festival in Hamburg/Germany.

A forest of texts and books.

Field recordings and interview excerpts with forestry workers recorded in and around clear-cuts in the Thuringian Forest were played. At the same time, selected pieces of text from essays and books that all have an inner forest in common were read aloud in a previously undetermined order.

Texts were read from:

*CAConrad – Amanda Paradise
*Flatform – History of a Tree
*Robert P. Harrison – Forests; The Shadow of Civilization
*Bernie Krause – Broken Nature; Broken Lives
*Kim Lang – Irgendwo, an einer Grenze zu irgendwo anders
*Ursula K. Le Guin – The Word for World is Forest
*Jack London – White Fang
*Jason Allen Paisant – Thinking with Trees
*Max Porter – Lanny
*Annie Proulx – Barkskins
*Suzanne Simard – Finding the Mother Tree
*Irene Solà – When I Sing Mountains Dance
*Henry D. Thoreau – Walden
*a discussion in the Thuringian Parliament on the topic of forest condition
*and myself.

Follow Nele Möller:
Nele Möller (°1990) is an artist and researcher working primarily in sound, video, performance, and radio. Her focus is on forest conversations, historical nature inscriptions, and listening practices. In October 2021 she started her PhD project ‘The Forest Echoes Back’ at KU Leuven/LUCA Schoof of Arts Brussels, under supervision of Wendy Morris and embedded in the research cluster Deep Histories Fragile Memories.