(Un)recording the Field / Presentation at the ‘Time to Listen’ Conference

On 19th and 20th August 2023, inm/field notes and the Academy of Arts welcomed participants to the conference »Time to Listen – Sustainability in Contemporary Music«. 

Musicians, artists and researchers were invited to reflect on the relationship between sound and ecology. The sessions included presentations, open discussions, workshops, listening sessions and lectures. From more than 40 submissions, the sessions were selected together with an expert jury consisting of Marina Cyrino, Katharina Rosenberger and Fabien Levy.

In ‘(Un)recording the Field’  we critically reflected on the practice of field recording and paid attention to the agency of the recorded, especially of those that cannot give language-based consent and considered the following questions: How to work against the power imbalance between the recorded and the recordist? How to disrupt the practice of “sound hunting”? How to work against the idea of the environment as a compositional resource? And how to get consent from the more-than-human while recording?

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Nele Möller (°1990) is an artist and researcher working primarily in sound, video, performance, and radio. Her focus is on forest conversations, historical nature inscriptions, and listening practices. In October 2021 she started her PhD project ‘The Forest Echoes Back’ at KU Leuven/LUCA Schoof of Arts Brussels, under supervision of Wendy Morris and embedded in the research cluster Deep Histories Fragile Memories.