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The Listening Academy was held from August 29 – September 4, 2022 at the experimental contemporary art and music space Iklectik in London. The Academy was organised by Lucia Farinati, curator, researcher and writer, co-author of The Force of Listening (2017) and Brandon LaBelle, artist, writer and theorist, author of Acoustic Justice: Listening, Performativity, and the Work of Reorientation (2021).

“This edition of The Listening Academy aims to bring together participating scholars, researchers and artists, to share knowledge, practices, and research activities, and to collectively investigate creative and critical questions of listening. Listening is emphasized here as a transdisciplinary subject, one that moves across the humanities and society, and which contributes to fostering interpersonal and community relations. Listening is more than the hearing of audible signals; rather, listening supports a range of relevant processes and projects, including emotional growth, social recognition, attunement across human and more-than-human worlds, co-learning, and decolonial, eco-feminist initiatives. […]”

Quote of the presentation “Cultures of Listening” by Prof. Kate Lacey (University of Sussex)
A seven days program filled with presentations, workshops, performances and discussions.

Contributing researchers, practitioners and organizers:

Allyn Aglaia
Ain Bailey
Leah Bassel
Liora Belford
Blanc Sceol
Ben Byrne
Wanda Canton
Maureen de Jager
Kate Donovan
Nohad el Hajj
Esi Eshun
Lucy Finchett-Maddock
Simon Fleury
Iris Garrelfs
Dino Georgeton
Amanda Gutierrez
Lisa Hall
Christina Hazboun
Claire Holdsworth
Martine Huvenne
Catalina Insignares
Henry Ivry
Chris Jones
Stina Marie Hasse Jorgensen
Hannah Kemp-Welch
Roshanak Kheshti
Ash Kilmartin
Arendse Krabbe
Kate Lacey
Louise Mackenzie
Salar Mameni
Ernst Maréchal
Timothy Maxymenko
Nele Möller
Carolina Mendonca
Margarita Novikova
Alisa Oleva
Bhavisha Panchia
Leandro Pisano
Morten Poulsen
Pablo José Ramirez
Miriam Schickler
Rajni Shah
Hoda Siahtiri
Sound Camp
Francis Sosta
Iury Salustiano Trojaborg
anna sherbany
Anna Walker

Follow Nele Möller:
Nele Möller (°1990) is an artist and researcher working primarily in sound, video, performance, and radio. Her focus is on forest conversations, historical nature inscriptions, and listening practices. In October 2021 she started her PhD project ‘The Forest Echoes Back’ at KU Leuven/LUCA Schoof of Arts Brussels, under supervision of Wendy Morris and embedded in the research cluster Deep Histories Fragile Memories.