Alexandra Crouwers Ludwig Museum Budapest Diorama exhibition 2022

Exhibition / Smaller Worlds. Diorama in contemporary art.

Thursday, October 13, opened the group show ‘Smaller World. Diorama in contemporary art’ in the Ludwig Museum of Budapest (HU). The exhibition includes an immersive projection of the seamless loop ‘The White Hide (v)’. Curated by Jan Elantkowski and Zsuzska Petró. Concept by Zsuzska Petró.

From the website:

Is it a spectacle, a scientific illustration, a children’s toy or a therapeutic tool? Originally conceived as a sophisticated, painterly light show at the interface of art and entertainment, dioramas have been a favourite visual aid in natural history museums since the early 20th century. This form of presentation, combining painting techniques, scenic solutions and optical illusion, is intended to illustrate a scientific or anthropological result or theory to the public in a delimited box space, creating the illusion of reality, as an immersive installation. The diorama appears in all artistic forms, yet it is a rarely discussed concept.

‘The White Hide’ has had various iterations since 2012, all centered on a holographic simulation of two deer bulls, locked in an endless fight. This last one, (v), includes a photogrammetric model of the Three Trees on The Plot. More about the work here.

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Alexandra Crouwers (NL, °1974) is a visual artist working in the digital realm. Her works are made by using a combination of 3D modeling and animation, and post-production, and can take many forms. From 2019 on, she's a doctoral researcher in art and animation at Leuven University/LUCA School of arts, Brussels, under supervision of Wendy Morris.