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Prize / SAR Prize for Excellent Exposition 2021

SAR Prize for Excellent Exposition 2021

Dhfm’s Alexandra Crouwers’ Research Catalog exposition, as part of the peer reviewed VIS Nordic journal for artistic research was awarded 2nd place of the SAR Prize 2021. The SAR Prize 2021 was presented by Gabriele Schmid at the 13th SAR Conference 2022 at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Many thanks to promotor Wendy Morris and peer reviewer (and advisor) Sepideh Karami.

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The Executive Board of SAR is delighted to announce the winner of the Annual Prize for Excellent Research Catalogue Exposition 2021. The prize aims to foster and encourage innovative, experimental new formats of publication and to give visibility to the qualities of artistic research artefacts. We received eleven innovative submissions for the prize. The jury consisted of Paulo Luis Almeida on behalf of the Portal Partners, Ernie Roby-Tomic as one of the prize winners 2020, and Gabriele Schmid on behalf of the Executive Board of SAR. We felt that the exposition “Minuting. Rethinking the Ordinary Through the Ritual of Transversal Listening” by Jacek Smolicki met these conditions to an exceptional high level. He is followed by Alexandra Crouwers with her exposition “Plot, the Compositor, Mourning/Mistakes” on the second place and Timo Menke with his exposition “DARK MATTER(S)” on the third place.

  1. Jacek Smolicki
  1. Alexandra Crouwers

The exposition “Plot, the Compositor, Mourning/Mistakes” by Alexandra Crowers represents a speculative and non-linear design approach to the concept of exhibition. It creates an intricate network between visual pieces of evidence of the ecological collapse of a forest and a reflexive review of the artist’s grief.

Crouwers’s work thesis immediately resonated with the pandemic times experiencing virtual dislocation and complex mimeticism of nature in response to lockdowns. The work presented is timely as virtual workers and artists experience the technological takeover as physical communal spaces become increasingly rare. Alexandra’s background in virtual and technical art vibrates on the Research Catalogue platform as items that function to deliver information on the topic often also serve an aesthetic purpose supporting their thesis.

  1. Timo Menke

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Alexandra Crouwers (NL, °1974) is a visual artist working in the digital realm. Her works are made by using a combination of 3D modeling and animation, and post-production, and can take many forms. From 2019 on, she's a doctoral researcher in art and animation at Leuven University/LUCA School of arts, Brussels, under supervision of Wendy Morris.