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Multispecies justice and repair: Forging epistemic encounters between Belgium and South Africa.

Researchers Belgium: dr. Wendy Morris (KU Leuven, Luca) & dr. Brunilda Pali (KU Leuven). Researchers South Africa: dr. Clifford Shearing (UCT), Dr. Annette Hübshle (UCT), Ashleigh Dore (Endangered Wildlife Trust).

The research project aims at conducting collaborative research between Belgium and South Africa on the topics of multispecies justice and repair. What does it mean to pursue multispecies justice and repair and how can knowledge which is created through transdisciplinary, transcultural, trans-species, and transgenerational encounters support that aim and process? The focus of the research is on multispecies -such as human and wildlife (plants, animals)- relations, which can be harmful, conflictual, but also productive entanglements and interdependencies. The project aims at creating a transdisciplinary epistemic partnership between Leuven Institute of Criminology-Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Arts (KU Leuven and Luca School of Arts), Environmental Humanities South Research Institute, and Public Law Department (University of Cape Town), and Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT).

The research focuses on two case studies in South Africa:

CS1. Multi-stakeholder pilot project on restorative justice in cases of wildlife offences (this pilot project is coordinated by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) for the period 2020-2022);

CS2. Art-based research into repair and recovery of histories of healing and fertility plants and women’s knowledge to be co-ordinated by dr. Wendy Morris, Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven & Luca School of Arts.

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Wendy Morris (1960) is a South African artist and researcher living in Belgium. Morris is professor in contemporary arts at the University of Leuven and LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, and senior researcher with the deep histories fragile memories research group.
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